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    Free Fire Asia Championship (FFAC) Play-ins Will Commence On 20th Of November!

    Garena has announced that the Free Fire Asia Championship (FFAC) is about to heat up with the upcoming Play-ins that will be held between 20 and 21 November!

    Malaysian fans can look forward to seeing three local teams; Do Easy, 4X MEN XPERT, and Blacklist International, play in the Asia exclusive tournament, with Blacklist International being direct invites to the Grand Finals. A fiery Grand Finals will follow with 5 qualifiers from the Play-ins and 7 champions from the local leagues of each region.

    FFAC 2021 Play-ins: teams in the running!

    The FFAC 2021 Play-ins will see 24 teams divided into 2 groups; groups A and B. Group A matches will be held on 20 Nov, and group B matches on 21 Nov.

    In the FFAC 2021 Play-ins, teams will be divided into 2 groups of 12 for the first round. Each group will play a total of 6 matches. The top 2 teams from each Play-in group A and B will advance to the grand finals. The fifth slot for the grand finals will go to the next team with the highest number of points accumulated during the Play-ins.

    Alongside them is Supreme Assault Forces from the Philippines, who will reignite the friendly rivalry between the four teams from the MCP Majors Season 2.

    Teams participating in the FFAC Play-ins:
    Group A (20 Nov):
    • SES Alfaink
    • HQ Esports
    • Desi Gamers
    • DG Esports
    • Supreme Assault Forces
    • No Chance ES
    • EPIC
    • SYZYGY
    • God of Wolf
    • King of Gamers Club
    • Five Mutants
    • No.1 King
    Group B (21 Nov):
    • Siren GPX
    • The Pillars Gladius
    • BOX Gaming
    • Do Easy
    • House of Blood
    • PVS Gaming
    • Total Gaming eSports
    • 4X MEN XPERT
    • CGGG
    • Heavy
    • Original Player

    Direct Invites to the Grand Finals
    • Vietnam: Burst The Sky
    • Indonesia: EVOS Divine
    • Thailand: eArena
    • Taiwan: LGDS
    • MCP: Blacklist International
    • India: Team Elite
    • Pakistan: Hotshot Esports

    Champion of the MCP Majors

    Blacklist International overcame all odds in the MCP Majors Season 2 finals to clinch a spot in the FFAC 2021 Grand Finals. Fans were treated to an exhilarating fight between Philippines and Malaysian teams, where the former were dominating the tournament throughout the league stage.

    In a surprising turn of events, Blacklist International rose to the top, walking away with the title of Champion for the local league. The team will once again come face to face with some of the strongest opponents in the Free Fire Asia Championship Grand Finals on 28 Nov.

    Check out video below for an in-depth look at Blacklist International’s experience in this year’s MCP Majors Season 2.

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