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    FPS Action – Atomic Heart adds next gen consoles versions alongside a gameplay video of ‘Plyush’ mini-boss battle

    Developer Mundfish announced the inclusion of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to the upcoming Atomic Heart alongside previously announced consoles which are PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A new gameplay video has been released to showcase a battle against a creature named “Plyush,”; featuring more game mechanics and music by Mick Gordon.


    As for the game’s story, while it is mostly shrouded in mystery, the developer said, “The game kicks off when robots start attacking people. P-3 will have to investigate what has caused all these events and deal with what (or who?) is behind all of this.”

    While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Mundfish, Atomic Heart is in “active development.” And DOOM composer Mick Gordon is taking part in music production along with Mundfish’s in-house sound team.

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