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    Foodball, Serving up Something Familiar and Loved !

    Developed and published by Cat-astrophe Games, a familiar-looking title will be launching into everyone’s living room that is sure to make them stick around. Foodball, an extensive couch-style game that resembles a very familiar title pushes the boundaries of combining both football and racing!


    You cant go wrong if you involve food

    FoodBall is a mix of car combat and football game, further combining two things that make the world go round: food and sports. When you mix ’em all up, you a concoction that can potentially bring hours upon hours of unbroken couch gaming with friends!

    Join the colorful cast of food truck owners who – using their eccentric cars, quirky recipes, and love for food – try to change the stagnant world of gourmet cuisine, one meatball at a time. An over the top set of chefs ready to play ball with their trucks? well, why not?!

    Features of the game include:-

    Thrilling tournament mode

    A mode for lone wolves: take an in-depth look at the world of FoodBall through the best single-player experience.

    Crazy local multiplayer

    Connect with your friends, configure your rules and go wild! The multiplayer mode allows you to create teams of up to 4 players, set up your preferred rules, choose your battle arenas and much more.

    A colorful cast of playable characters

    Meet the FoodBall players from all over the world and play through their character story modes to unveil their secrets!

    Pimp your ride

    Cat ears for your food truck? Play through various modes and unlock countless cosmetic items that let you personalize your cars!

    All’s fair in food and war!

    During the match make use of everything you’ve got: freeze your opponents, boost your speed or leave greasy puddles of tomato sauce to hinder the others! Unlock and upgrade the power-ups specific for each car to boost your chances to win.

    Foodball will be arriving for the PC and Nintendo Switch sometime around the 3rd quarter of this year.

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