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    First in-engine teaser trailer for JRPG Earthlock 2, coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

    Independent developer Snowcastle Games recently announced that the Earthlock 2 is in development for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    This includes a new teaser trailer of the game, running entirely in-engine on Unreal. To celebrate the first reveal of Earthlock 2, Snowcastle Games have also discounted the original game, Earthlock, by 80% on Steam, the Nintendo Switch eShop, and the Xbox Games Store to €4.99 EUR / £4.49 GBP / $5.98 USD.

    Set on the planet of Umbra, shrouded in darkness, while the other half is constantly baked in sunlight. The game’s story centers around a group of friends who must set out to find and rescue their missing family members.

    The original Earthlock was a very classic turn-based late 90s JRPG-style experience, but with the success of the first game giving the team ample opportunity to grow, Earthlock 2 will take the franchise to the next level. Earthlock 2 will be an open-world action RPG with complex interlocking systems that work together to offer players extensive freedom to customize their own experience. There is a lot more about the game to share, but for now please enjoy this first tease of the game and one of the key gameplay possibilities that Earthlock 2 will explore:

    “We are so pleased to finally offer up this first tease of what players can come to expect in Earthlock 2 – We really want our next title to offer players a huge amount of replayability, customisation and depth, with incredible emergent gameplay possibilities. It’s been an exciting endeavor for us and we can’t wait to reveal more about the game in the future, please stay tuned!”

    Bendik Stang – Game Director & Co-founder of Snowcastle Games


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