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    Kakao Games’ Guardian Tales is Now Available Globally on iOS and Android.

    After amassing a formidable 1-million pre-registrations and spending 5 months in the soft launch stage, the global launch of Kakao Games and Kong Studios’ mobile adventure Action RPG, Guardian Tales is now a reality.

    This new mobile Action RPG has launched to critical success in its native country, South Korea, and has earned positive feedback and praise from all around the world during its global pre-registration.

    App Store and Play Store Download Link

    Adventures and Puzzles

    Guardian Tales is an action-adventure RPG with a heavy emphasis on puzzles and action.

    Its gameplay involves puzzles that can be solved by lifting heavy boulders, blowing obstacles up with explosives, or slingshotting yourself across them to progress, or uncover hidden pathways that lead to treasure crates.

    Light Story and Easter Eggs

    Engage in the game’s light-hearted and laughter-inducing storyline with easily digestible content that motivates progression.

    Don’t be surprised if you find loads of heart-warming and giggle-worthy references to other animes and characters in the forms of easter eggs in this tribute parodies filled game.

    The game occasionally puts in heartwarming, life assuring messages like this one…which is sweet.

    Simple Combat and Collectibles

    The game’s combat mechanics can be said as both simple and challenging, involving real-time slash and dodging at the right time in the face of adversity.

    Pick and arm yourself from a collection of 50 amazing heroes and 100 different weapons to choose from (each with their own unique abilities!) and challenge all the dark dungeons and goliath bosses across the 7 worlds currently available.

    You may even go at it with your guildmates or friends in a team of 4, and participate in Raids or fight other players in the Arena and Colosseum.

    Premiere Night Event

    Players beginning their journey in Guardian Tales now will be greeted with the new Roadmap Event “Premiere Night 2”.

    During this event, players will reap rewards by collecting Event Points by earning them Rifts, Tower Arena, Colosseum, and Adventure Stages.

    Each mode hands out a different amount of points and the more you collect, the rewards you can exchange them for during this event.

    To get stay updated with the latest information about the game, check out the game’s official Facebook Page.

    And, if you have any questions for fellow players or just looking for people to play with, there’s an official discord channel to accommodate community interactions.

    Let’s Go!

    App Store and Play Store Download Link

    Guardian Tales is now available globally on all Android and iOS devices and supports multiple language options with up to 10 languages to choose from including English, Chinese, Russia, and more.

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