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    Find Your Inner Light In Diablo Immortal Season Four Battle Pass

    Blizzard Entertainment is bringing a new content update to Diablo Immortal which is out now. There will be new cosmetics, new Helliquary bosses and new and returning events.

    Season Four Battle Pass: Inner Light

    “When all hope seems lost, turn to yourself, embrace the light within, for it exists in us all.”

    –Enforcers of the Zakarum faith.

    Stalwart in their worship of the light, Zakarumites fervently resist anything evil—an appropriate sentiment in these dark times. The demonic threats you encounter while roaming Sanctuary will attempt to overtake you, but in these moments, you must prevail by flooding the battlefield with the beshadowed light of Zakarum.

    A new Battle Pass devoted to exercising your Inner Light has arrived, and with it, Season Four begins on September 1, at 3:00 a.m. server time. The Inner Light Battle Pass is host to 40 ranks worth of challenges and rewards, such as Legendary Gems, Crests, Hilts, and more.

    For adventurers seeking additional treasures from their Battle Pass ranks, we have two paid versions they can upgrade their Battle Pass to for the full duration of the season: the Empowered Battle Pass and Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass.

    The Empowered Battle Pass includes all rank rewards from the free standard Battle Pass but also unlocks an Empowered track that provides additional rewards at each rank. Plus, you’ll receive the Inner Light Weapon cosmetic, unlocked at rank one, and the luminous Inner Light Armor cosmetic, unlocked at rank 40.

    The Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass gives you access to all rank rewards and cosmetics from the Empowered Battle Pass plus, the Inner Light Avatar Frame, Portal cosmetic, and a ten-rank boost, all provided immediately after upgrading.

    The Season Four Battle Pass only runs until September 29, at 2:59 a.m. server time—begin slaying demons and climbing your way through the ranks today.

    New Helliquary Boss: Gishtur and Beledwe

    Rayek has located not just one, but two diabolical demonic threats this time! Twin flames forged from the same inseparable, swirling chaos, Gishtur and Beledwe are the fourth Helliquary boss to threaten Sanctuary. This malefic pair of hellspawn have a knack for crafting some of the most formidable weapons to have graced the battlefield, operating the Hellforge for the Great Evils or fusing souls and flesh in their own Fellsteel Foundry—reserving only the finest armaments for their own personal use.

    Beledwe prefers a flame-infused trident, using it to call down meteor strikes and summon burning orbs that seek you out. Gishtur goes for a more close-quarters approach, sporting a massive, spiked sword and entering a frenzied whirlwind to close any gap. Be cautious, as they’re known to incinerate opponents side-by-side.

    If your Combat Rating is at least 4665, assemble your group of hardened adventurers, come to Rayek’s aid, and confront Gishtur and Beledwe starting on September 2 at 3:00 a.m. server time by visiting the Einfrinn Tree in Westmarch. In the event you’re able to put this evil to rest, you’ll be rewarded with their remains, Twin Horns. Equipping this item in the top slot of the Helliquary will provide you with a 10% cooldown reduction to your skills while inside Challenge Rifts.

    Hungering Moon

    The moon’s insatiable hunger persists, and it demands more blood. . . perhaps even yours! Gaze upon the moon—bask in its hallowed glow, heed its howl for sustenance, and lunar-laced blessings you shall be bestowed. Fulfilling the moon’s demands will earn you Moonslivers, which can be traded for Blessings. After acquiring seven Blessings you will have curried enough goodwill with the moon to trade these in for a random reward. Offer enough blessings to the moon and it will even present you with its favour.

    We welcome brave adventurers to lend their hand in satiating the moon’s hunger from September 9, 3:00 a.m.–September 12, 3:00 a.m. server time.

    The Scorched Sea Limited-Time Event

    There are few in Sanctuary capable enough to stand against the darkness and wager their life for the defenceless. But you, adventurer, have consigned your days to thinning out the ranks of the Burning Hells, ushering in safety where all hope was once lost. The downtrodden look up to you, and to continue serving them, you must walk the sandy wastes of the Scorched Sea.

    From September 14 at 3:00 a.m.–September 28 at 3:00 a.m. server time, as you complete daily Scorched Sea tasks, you’ll receive various rewards for your heroics. Racking up enough completed tasks will also unlock milestone rewards for you, such as the sand-blasted Scorched Sea Portrait Frame—an ode to vanquishing countless demons.

    Mists of Cyrangar Limited-Time Event

    Rumour says unspeakable horrors lie shrouded in the mist—what new dangers await you, adventurer?

    Completing Mists of Cyrangar tasks from September 21 at 3:00 a.m.–September 30 at 3:00 a.m. server time will net you a bounty of rewards to aid your travels. Pay special attention to the imagery on the event page, for the mist will slowly clear with each completed task, revealing a hint tied to our first upcoming Major Update.

    To prepare you for this momentous occasion, during the Mists of Cyrangar event, a bonus experience buff will be active for all players who are behind the Server Paragon Level. This bonus will only be active for you until you’ve caught up to the Server Paragon Level. The dangers coming with our first Major Update will put your skills to the test, ultimately pushing you. We want to give players an opportunity to catch up to the Server Paragon Level so they have a fighting chance against Sanctuary’s newest threats when the time comes.

    Diablo Immortal is now available for mobile devices through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and PC through Battle.Net.

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