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    Blackpink X PUBG Mobile ‘TheVirtual’ Wins Best Metaverse Performance At MTV Video Music Awards

    BLACKPINK has been awarded ‘Best Metaverse Performance’ at the MTV VMAs for their groundbreaking in-game concert series in PUBG MOBILE, ‘The VIRTUAL.’ The spectacular event, which saw 15.7 million views around the world, came out on top against a shortlist of some of six of the biggest stars and games in the world, including Ariana Grande in Fortnite, Charli XCX in Roblox, and Justin Bieber in Wave. ‘Best Metaverse Performance’ is a new category for 2022 at the MTV VMAs, which celebrates the best music videos of the past year.

    Running over two weekends in July, the immersive audio-visual experience captivated the world. The in-game concert featured virtual performances of BLACKPINK’s chart-topping hits and the debut of a new special track ‘Ready For Love’. The music video was released as part of the partnership and has now been watched over 151 million times since its launch.

    ‘Ready For Love’ transports BLACKPINK member’s avatars into iconic locations from the PUBG MOBILE universe from the island of Erangel, the rainforest of Sanhok, the desert of Miramar, the icy tundra of Vikendi, and across a sea of flowers in Livik. Familiar game elements such as airdrops, helmets, planes, and bullets embellish the video to further immerse viewers in the PUBG MOBILE world. Fans can now watch the full music video for “Ready For Love” on PUBG MOBILE and BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channels.

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