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    Fantasy RPG showing an adorable trailer of Little Witch in the Woods

    A cute adorable trailer just sprung up by developer Sunny Side Up for their upcoming game Little Witch in the Woods, a Fantasy Witch-life Role Playing Game releasing for PC in winter 2020 with potential console release later for Switch and PlayStation 4.


    You are a Witch’s Apprentice

    Sets in a fantasy world where witches exist, play as Ellie who in order to graduate witch school, has to work as an intern by being an apprentice in a witch’s house. What she gets instead is a worn-out house with only a handful of villagers living nearby. Nonetheless, she is still determined to get those good grades!.

    Key Witching Features

    • Experience the world through various activities!
    • Feel the Unique ecosystem- Interact with all manner of animals and even plants around the village
    • Explore various themes around the village by using the witch’s power and get ingredients for the potions.
    • After gathering ingredients, process it to make witch’s potion as these potions can be used in a lot of different ways.
    • Develop the small village into a larger one by helping the villagers themselves. Upgrade the village and meet all the NPCs!
    • Although NPC’s do move in and out, try to meet them all and discover more on their stories. Till the point that you may even meet your lifelong partner! Though it may not be a human.

    The game is brewing this coming Winter 2020 on PC, followed up by potential PlayStation 4 and Switch versions released at a later date.

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