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    Fans of Life Simulation Games Are In For A Treat As Life Makeover Makes Its Debut!

    Archosaur Games, the studio behind the renowned Dragon Raja that won ‘Best Competitive Game of Google Play 2020 for Southeast Asia’ is debuting it’s latest and highly anticipated life simulation title, Life Makeover. The game has gained over 3 million pre-registers in China alone in just six months’ time prior to its release and now, SEA players can sign up here for their chance to join this limited-space global test coming this March.

    Life Makeover

    Create your character in impressive detail, style and decorate your virtual living home and engage in social activities as a diverse universe of romance with intertwining intense stories awaits eager players. Life Makeover brings an immense visual feast for the eyes with infinite possibilities with a variety of gameplay mechanics and unparalleled attention to detail.

    Your Clothing Fantasy Ready To Be Explored

    There will be thousands of clothing choices in the game that are available to the player to freely mix and match, be it trendy modern suits, retro long garments, shimmering evening dresses, and more. Your only limit is your imagination. Players will never run out of options for styling that will suit any situation whether taking a walk on the beach with friends or attending a formal dinner with a multitude of clothing and accessories that will make you spoilt for choice.

    For those who want to express their creative freedom further, Life Makeover also allows players to craft and design clothes of their own. You will have the power to choose the type of fabric to how it is cut and sewn, all under your control.

    Experience An Endless Romantic Life With Limitless Gameplay

    The developers of Life Makeover have decided that when it comes to character customization, they will be the most ambitious yet. Every detail of your character’s face can be customized even down to the expression of a smile. Players will be able to show their own personality and uniqueness with different body types and skin tones however they want.

    When it comes to the home that you want to create, players will be able to choose the location of their house, create their own style of home and meticulously decorate every inch of their dream home. All the furniture and decoration can also be created, coloured and placed by you!

    Life Makeover aims to provide players with a wealth of experiences that include designing unique clothes, raising cute pets and most importantly meeting other players online and inviting them for an afternoon tea together. Every romantic dream you can think of will be possible in Life Makeover.

    High Fidelity and Realistic Details

    The game was developed using Unreal Engine 4, which brings highly realistic graphical details such as fine skin texture, hair details, exquisite clothing materials, sparkling jewellery embellishments, to name a few. This high-quality graphical target was met to ensure players experience a close to real-life feeling with an immense visual feast.

    Archosaur Games’ Life Makeover will be available in March in a Global Test that includes the Southeast Asia region, remember to sign up and follow the official Facebook page to learn more about the game.

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