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    Exoprimal Powers Up with Mega Man Collab, New Modes, Exosuit Variants, and More On April 17th

    Valued Exofighters. The latest dinosaur forecast indicates Exoprimal will summon Title Update 4 this month. In a new trailer released today, Capcom revealed new details about the dino-busting action game’s next free content expansion.

    The upcoming season deploys on April 17th, 2024, and will feature a Mega Man collaboration with a devilish boss fight and Blue Bomber-themed cosmetics. Exoprimal players can also suit up and master a range of new Exosuit variants and enjoy the wargames with two fresh game modes that push customization and challenge to the next level.

    Exoprimal x Mega Man Collaboration

    The Exoprimal x Mega Man collaboration includes a rockin’ new boss battle against Yellow Devil.1 Much like the Rathalos encounter that debuted in Season 3’s Monster Hunter crossover, 10 players will join forces to fight for everlasting peace against a massive robot with shapeshifting abilities and a wily arsenal of attacks.

    Exofighters can also equip special collaboration cosmetic sets, including:

    • Mega Man (Nimbus)
    • Air Man (Witchdoctor)
    • Yellow Devil (Krieger)

    Brand-New Beta Variant Exosuits

    The armory of playable Exosuits is also expanding to a grand total of 30 with Title Update 4’s new arrivals:

    • Zephyr Beta: Boost Claws – This model rends foes in close combat with its talons. These attacks fill a gauge that can be used to enhance its melee abilities or unleash a powerful charged attack.
    • Krieger Beta: Blitz Cannon – Bombard enemies with artillery, then mow them down with a devastating laser.
    • Vigilant Beta: Bowhunter – Punch through foes at range with bolts that are as deadly as they are accurate.
    • Murasame Beta: Windcaller – Defend against incoming attacks to charge up energy, then unleash that force as a tornado that pulls in and restrains enemies.
    • Witchdoctor Beta: Plasma Shot – Pin down foes with rapid fire and paralyze them with charged cluster shots.
    • Nimbus Beta: Wild Bomb – Lay down proximity mines that can provide healing properties or explosive power.

    More Modes to Enjoy

    • Custom Match – This mode enables players to create custom lobbies with their pick of rules, missions, and maps. Replay special story missions and 10-player co-op battles, play with friends on other platforms, and enjoy the new “Quick Brawl” setting to cut straight to the final missions.

      No matter how Exofighters choose to play in this mode, they’ll continue to earn XP, level up their suits, earn unlockables, and progress the story.

    • Time Loop Rebellion – Take on the game’s climactic boss battle in an even more challenging form and earn rewards for your combat prowess. Akin to Savage Gauntlet, this mode will be available at set times, with the first opportunity running Friday, April 26th, 2024, at 4:00am BST – Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at 3:59am BST.

    Beyond all these new additions, Exoprimal Season 4 will also introduce a 10th Exosuit Rig (the incendiary Mortar), celebrate seasonal holidays with special limited-time campaigns, and feature even more fun surprises.

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