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    Enter the World of Dragon Nest on 8th January 2020, pre-registration opens now!

    After much anticipation, developer Eyedentity Games (Dragon Nest Online for PC) and publisher Nexon Thailand are excited to open pre-registrations for World of Dragon Nest, the Open-world MMORPG coming to the iOS and Android platforms on 8th January 2020. Players who register ahead of time will also receive a special in-game mount upon launch, as well as various prizes worth up to 210 MYR. The trailer video below is provided by MMO Culture:



    Players interested in securing a spot in the World of Dragon Nest early can do so by:

    1. Pre-register through the App Store or Google Play Store (Recommended) Pre-register through these channels, and be notified of special offers and/or when the game is open for download. Players who pre-register through the App/Play Store will also receive a free in-game mount, as well as premium rewards worth up to 210 RM.
    Android: Coming soon.

    2. Pre-register through the official website to participate in various activities with exciting prizes!

    You can also take part in the Reward Hunter Event by Liking the official World of Dragon Nest Facebook Page. Reach the various milestones to unlock amazing prizes for everyone!.

    Moreover, there are some new features added to World of Dragon Nest, including 60 FPS support, new Dark Nest, Sea Dragon Nest, fancy Weapon Costume effects, Reset Skill, Seal Skill system, Debuff Skills are more effective in PvP mode, Sudden Quest system, 3 new Nests, monsters with blocking skill and World Map episode 3. These features, developed exclusively for this version, will surely excite your adventure and
    provide more profound experiences.

    For the latest news and updates on the World of Dragon Nest, head to our official
    Facebook page.

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