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    Embark On An Action Filled Journey With Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

    Developer Acme Gamestudio and Publisher tinyBuild adds in a breathtaking looking ARPG Asterigos: Curse of the Stars. Set in a breathtaking city of Aphes as players forge their way through legions of unique foes and mythical bosses to discover the truth behind the city’s curse in a Greek & Roman-inspired world of high fantasy, coming to PC and consoles PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series this Fall 2022.

    Asterigos sets players loose upon the monster-infested City of Aphes. Explore its streets, hidden paths, and colossal structures as you battle beasts, fiends, and god-like beings. Climb its peaks, delve into its glittering crystal-lined depths and immerse yourself in this thrilling fantasy world. As a brave young warrior Hilda, master a wide arsenal of weapon types, each with its own distinct fighting style. Sword & shield, dual blades, spears, hammers, or even magical staves and bracelets. Equip two weapons at a time and swap between them freely in combat. Each weapon style has its own challenges and rewards, and there’s no shortage of foes to hone your skills against.

    Featuring dozens of different monster varieties to encounter, and over twenty boss battles to test your mettle against, the cursed City of Aphes will challenge you fully before letting you unravel its deepest secrets. Discover the truth behind the curse through side-quests, forgotten documents and even Hilda’s own diary of sketches, observations and thoughts.

    Features details as shared on Steam:
    • Explore the magnificent city of Aphes inspired by classical Greek designs and unveil the truth behind the city’s curse.
    • Combine and change your weapons on the go. Equip two different types of weapons at once and become unpredictable in combat.
    • Battle more than 60 different enemies and encounter 22 bosses in the main story and side quests.
    • Decide the fate of Aphes. Every decision you make in Asterigos matters and will affect the story.
    • Find over 100 collectibles, complete numerous side quests, and forge your destiny in the NewGame+ mode.

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