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    Don’t lose your head! as puzzle platformer Airhead debuts a trailer

    Publisher HandyGames and developer Octato recently announce a Metroidvania-style 2.5D platform game Airhead, where your protagonist Body is off to save his head. You will find an alien head substitute around to inflate yourself with air-filled tanks scattered and uncover the true connection behind the stolen heart and the technology that litters your dystopian world. Wrap your head around unique mechanics and experience brave exciting gameplay, all while collecting sweet upgrades!

    “We are incredibly happy to become a part of the HandyGames family. Their devotion to games and the people who play them has been clear from the start and we’re confident that HandyGames are the right people to help us share Airhead with the world.”

    Jacob Honore (CEO and Producer, Octato)

    “I’m very happy to support Octato on this awesome exploration platformer, that will deliver an incredible atmosphere with constant challenges and a very unique companionship between a body and his head.”

    – Reinhard Döpfer (Producer, HandyGames)

    Key Puzzle Features

    • An immersive 2.5D platform experience in a Metroidvania-style world
    • A beautiful art style, embracing bold color and bleak shadow
    • Challenging puzzles must be solved by clever use of Head and Body’s synergy
    • Loads of powerful upgrades that open doors to new areas
    • A personal story of companionship, discovery, and responsibility
    • A myriad of creatures and machines to hinder or help you on your adventure

    Airhead will be available 2021 for PC, Xbox, Playstation and Switch

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