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    Rhythmic beat ’em up game Kawaii Deathu Desu, releasing out to Switch on April 16th

    In a collaboration between developers Pippin Games, publisher’s Eastasiasoft and Top Hat Studios; they are announcing Beat ’em up Kawaii Deathu Desu, releasing on Nintendo Switch April 16th for just US$4.99/€4.99/ 21.74 MYR and early birds can enjoy a 20% launch discount until April 29th.


    Inspired by the likes of One Finger Death Punch

    The gameplay will be a rhythmic based 2D punching bag where players use pixel idol characters to beat up their overzealous fans as they rush up the stage with unique abilities and collect the soul of the fan.

    Key Idol Features

    • Simple, Addictive Mechanics – Play with just two buttons; easy to pick up, hard to put down.
    • Fast-paced Gameplay – Quick matches that make you enter on a frenzy!
    • Hi-Fidelity Graphics – Beautiful pixel art, visual effects, and clean sound effects
    • Special Abilities & Unique Characters – Every idol has a special power that can be activated during the show, as well as a unique gameplay style.
    • Travel the world – Perform in lots of different areas and stages as you travel the world to collect souls
    • Replayability – Each show has three different modes; prove your worth with a high score to aim for the leaderboards.
    • Customization – Use souls to choose outfits for each idol to change their appearance to your liking
    • Competitive Local Multiplayer – Go head to head with a friend in couch PvP mode!
    • Unlockable Content – Unlockable gallery images, achievements, music, and more for the completionist in you.
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