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    DNF Duel Presents Grappler, Striker And Inquisitor

    NEXON presents other sets of new fighters that go by the name of Grappler and Inquisitor for the upcoming 2D fighting game, DNF Duel. Introducing Grappler and Striker, the two use pure brute force with grabs, kicks, and punches, while Inquisitor uses her halberd to strike fear and rage into the hearts of her enemies. Further details on the game’s platform and release date will be released at a later date

    The master of the Black Pearl Ring martial arts has arrived! Watch the Grappler topple his foes with iron-handed grabs and pure strength.

    The human embodiment of punches and kicks has arrived! Watch the Striker train to achieve ultimate martial will through her fists hard as stone in her play.

    The enforcer of divine punishment has arrived. Watch the Inquisitor deliver judgement unto her foes with axe and fire.


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