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    Hectic Rogue-Lite Shooter ‘Die After Sunset’ Coming Soon to Steam Early Access

    PQube and developer Playstark has revealed their partnership in bringing third person rogue-lite ‘Die After Sunset‘ to early access soon on Steam! The chaotic, fast-paced shooter will be coming to PC and consoles in 2022.

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    Die After Sunset is a 3rd person action rogue-lite shooter with a unique mechanic featuring light and darkness. Battle for Earth and travel through time as you defeat hordes of enemies and complete random quests to create the best build possible. Can you solve the mystery behind the Murkor invasion?

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    • Battle alien forces against the clock to prevent them extinguishing the sun and thwart their invasion
    • A chaotic third-person shooter with unique light and dark mechanics
    • Rogue-lite gameplay featuring permanent upgrades and meta-progression
    • Complete all levels in one clean run, fall at any point, and it’s back to the beginning!
    • Weapons, power-ups, and a plethora of playable characters to unlock
    • Procedurally generated enemies, quests and loot drops that make every run a totally different challenge
    • Battle Murkors, adorable and clumsy aliens in daylight, but vicious intergalactic beasts in the shadows
    • Countdown in every run to gigantic boss battles
    • Coming to Steam Early Access later this year with 2 single player levels
    • Free massive multiplayer update and many more arenas to come
    • ‘Die After Sunset’ launching on PC and console in 2022


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