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    Diablo Immortal Closed Beta Launches Today!

    Earlier this year, the Diablo Immortal team ran an in-depth Closed Alpha test where the amazing community provided extremely valuable feedback on all of its features and systems. Since then, the team has been working hard on implementing that feedback and adding exciting new updates to the game.

    Blizzard Entertainment is happy to announce that the next testing phase, the Diablo Immortal Closed Beta, begins today, October 29th!

    As with previous Diablo Immortal public tests, Closed Beta will only be available on Android and in select regions where a limited number of players will be able to participate. Those lucky adventurers who are invited to the Beta will receive a notification from Google Play soon with details on how they can log in and jump into the action. Starting at 5 pm Pacific Time yesterday, Closed Beta servers were open in Canada, with local players now able to test Diablo Immortal for the very first time, and in Australia. In the coming weeks, there will also be open servers in Korea, Japan, and China, where the game test build will be available in local languages.

    Tons of updates and brand-new content are coming to Diablo Immortal Closed Beta, including:
    • A new playable class – The Necromancer. Reanimate corpses to create an army of the dead while inflicting curses and pestilence upon the enemies of Sanctuary.

    • PvP and PvE updates. The game’s popular faction-based PvP & PvE system, The Cycle of Strife, is now enhanced with a 30×1 battle called Challenge of the Immortal; Ladders are being added to the 8v8 Battleground PvP system; A new end-game gear system, Set items, is introduced; Players will be able to challenge the Helliquary raid bosses with up to 8 total players; and more!
    • Controller Support. Players will be able to experience a preview of controller support for Diablo Immortal.
    • Optional In-Game Purchases. At Closed Beta, optional in-game purchases will be enabled to gain valuable feedback from the community and test its functionality. All player progress will be wiped at the end of the Closed Beta and any purchases will be converted back to equivalent in-game credits and will be available in Diablo Immortal at launch.

    Since the Diablo Immortal team is testing several end-game features, Diablo Immortal Closed Beta will be running for several weeks to make sure players have enough time to dive deep into them. The exact end date of Closed Beta will be announced later.

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