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    Devil May Cry 5 Reveals ‘V’ moving in style

    Capcom has been keeping it quiet about the latest character to join Devil May Cry, ‘V‘ since his reveal but that is about to change. The latest trailer of Devil May Cry 5 shows us all the slick moves Nero, Dante and V can pull off. Have a look at the trailer below.

    It is very easy to distinguish the fighting styles between all three characters from the trailers. Nero has the classic hack and slash feel with his mechanical arm giving him options. Dante looks like he has the ability to use everything as a weapon (even a freaking motorcycle?). The big one is V who looks like a summoner/magician. His attack consists of 2 things, a bird which seems like a familiar and a dark black substance which can morph into animals or giant monsters. Oh and just as you thought that finally, we are getting a normal black hair character in Devil May Cry, V’s is able to change his hair to white with a snap of his finger to unleash even more devastating moves.

    The trailer also shows us a glimpse of how the co-op looks like. Capcom has stated that the co-op will work sort of like a Dark Souls ghost data character. Sometimes players will see their friend’s ghost just there or it might give a helping hand. Capcom still believes that Devil May Cry 5is a single player game first so we shall see how this system plays out.

    Finally, the end of the trailer shows that the Bloody Palace will make its return in Devil May Cry 5 but it will not be available at launch. Devil May Cry 5will be out on 8th March 2019.

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