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    Destiny 2 Beta: PVP in a Nutshell

    Destiny 2 PVP Revamp

    Let’s roll

    First thing of all, Lord Shaxx will be proud of this new direction of PVP as it encourages team shot concentration, flanking, gunplay skills and communication between teammates.

    Changes in Destiny 2 beta as per following:

    1. Snipers, fusion rifle and shotguns are now using Heavy Ammo and now dropped more sparingly during matches
    2. Supers and heavy ammo is the only thing able to 1-2 hit kill. Melee, grenades and primary weapons will take longer to kill. For example, a grenade hit needs to be accompanied with 2-3 shots to confirm a kill.
    3. Team shots and coordination is more important in killing a target fast.
    4. Supers do not fill up now upon capturing of a zone in control mode.
    5. Supers will only fill if you participate in a kill.
    6. Supers are mostly and can only be used at the end of the round because of the time it takes to charge it.
    7. The new crucible now allows only 4 people in each team, 2 lesser than Destiny.
    Rocket Launchers are back and they are as deadly as you can remember

    Old mode, New style

    Endless Vale Control map. Small and action packed.

    Destiny 2 Beta introduces new maps such as Endless vale (Control mode) and Midtown: Last city of Earth (Competitive mode: Countdown).
    The Endless Vale map is designed to be much smaller and filled with minor intersections in between; which means multiple ways to reach a point. This encourages flanking and shoot from different angle to divert the enemy’s attention in the process. That also means lesser time to T-bag someone as you might be spotted by an enemy instantly. Control mode is similar as Destiny’s gameplay however there is a slight tweak on the initial start of the game. Both points have A and C automatically captured, thus pushing both opposing teams rushing to the B point. You do not need to neutralize the point first this time around like in the previous Destiny. This method of quick capture facilitates a more face pace gameplay.4

    Capturing now i quicker.

    Counter Destiny Wins

    Midtown Map is design to be a long stretch Italian city with a few intersections for the new game mode called Competitive Countdown. Countdown is a game mode whereby both opposing teams of 4 players each take turns either as a defender or attacker. The attacker’s job is to plant the bomb at either 2-designated location across the map while the defender’s job is to defend the designated area and defuse any bomb planted by the attackers. The gameplay mode is a direct comparison obviously to Counterstrike. The match last 6 rounds with each team’s role changes alternately per round.

    Overall, the PVP in Destiny 2 provides a much more challenging gameplay and has a potential to grow as an e-sport. Be advised that this is just Beta and nothing is set on stone yet.

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