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    Are you ready to be Dead Or Schooled?

    Currently accessible in early access via Steam, Studio Nanafushi’s Dead or School is a Anime-ish semi 3D side scrolling hack and slash RPG has been recently announced for consoles.


    The story focus on zombies overrunning Tokyo while civilians escaped and lived underground for a long time. Hisako, our main character heard of a word “School” by her grandmother, a paradise for young people. She then dreams to rebuild this “School” after reclaiming back the city from the zombies while wearing a school uniform.

    The gameplay is a linear hack and slash genre with the following concepts to boot:

    • Slash enemies or shoot em up
    • Weapon Customization– obtainable via money and gear, collect parts, disassemble it, customize it or just mix and match
    • Skill customization– Gain skills by level up and by the school* chalkboard, pick and choose your move sets!
    • Damage system– keep a lookout on your characters clothes or status changes
    • Collection-collect souvenirs in game which raises your parameters and save new friends
    • Enemies– from huge monstrosities, to tanks (did I say this game makes any sense?); all form of zombie like monster designs will come at you


    Date of release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch is yet to be confirmed as certification is currently sent for approval next month. Be sure to wait for further announcements.


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