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    Dead Cells comes back strong with Fatal Falls, the new DLC to be released on January 26th

    Motion Twin and Evil Empire announce the arrival of the new Dead Cells DLC, Fatal Falls, on January 26 at a price of € 4.99 on PC and consoles. Fatal Falls is the 22nd major update to the award-winning action game Dead Cells, and only the second paid content since the game’s arrival in Early Access in 2017. Dead Cells is a multi-award winning rogue-lite action-platformer Metroidvania and critically acclaimed set that takes place in a mysterious, indomitable castle steeped in dark secrets, random items, and hordes of devious and dangerous enemies. The game is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC.

    Fatal Falls DLC introduces a host of new content for fans including two new biomes, a massive new boss, and a bunch of new items and weapons. The gameplay trailer lifts the veil on the two new environments, The Shattered Temples and the Eternal Shores, as well as the new boss, the Scarecrow, which early fans may recognize is the Royal Gardener. who suffers from malaise.

    The two new biomes are parallel to the Gué des Mumes, the Clock Tower and the Keeper of Time with the ambition to spice up the heart of your runs a little. In addition to these new paths, players can hope to encounter a deadly pet sword (because why not) and mildly psychotic enemies like the Nearsighted Raven, Clumsy Swordsman, Compulsive Gravedigger, and many more. Devious creatures (for a total of eight) whose Scarecrow is the epiphany (keep an eye out for exploding mushrooms when you meet him).

    What would an update be without new weapons? The New Sword of Fatal Falls (were you told she could fly?) is designed to offer a real alternative to the Grand Duke and the Mushroom Companion for players who favour Brutality. Scythes, probably the most iconic weapons in existence, are also making an appearance: they are attracted to enemies and will follow you more or less on your travels. Seven new weapons are available in total: Lightning Rods, Ferryman’s Lantern, Scarecrow Sickles, Iron Staff, Serpent Fangs, Serenade and Cocoon. Each will be useful to you in its own way in the different areas of the two new biomes. And because power is nothing without style, 10 new outfits have also been added for the occasion.

    Earn money and die more often!
    To celebrate the release of this additional content, the developers have also launched a pre-order campaign for a new bundle, while reducing the sale price on all platforms from the end of January. The dates vary a bit depending on the media, so go to your favourite platform from January 26 for all the details on this sales period, which will last at least 10 days.

    On Nintendo Switch, the Dead Cells: The Fatal Seed Bundle is available for pre-order at € 19.99 (33% reduction), before landing at the same price on all media on January 26 (dates may vary slightly). This offer includes all 20 free updates and the two paid contents, The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls, which are individually priced at € 4.99.

    For newcomers looking to get their hands on Dead Cells, the developers are announcing several tempting deals, starting January 26 through mid-February.

    • A 50% reduction on the base game for the first time (€ 12.49) which is aimed at players wishing to learn about Dead Cells
    • 33% off Dead Cells: The Fatal Seed Bundle for players who don’t want to miss out on the adventure, at € 19.99
    • For the first time, a 30% discount on The Bad Seed DLC, which drops to € 3.49

    Fatal Falls is the second paid DLC for Dead Cells, awarded multiple times since its release in 2018. The first paid content, The Bad Seed, was released last year for $ 4.99. Recent updates have added six new mobs, systematic in-game balancing, the much-requested backpack, several new biomes, dozens of all-new, rather deranged enemies, and a slew of stylish new weapons to keep you from dying. too fast. Update 21, better known as the Malaise Update, is out on PC and will arrive in February on consoles.

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