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    Days Gone Trailer “Riding The Broken Road”

    In the world of zombies hellbent on chasing you on every side of the road, a second video series presented by developer SIE Bend Studio and publisher Sony PlayStation showcase what your bike can do for this upcoming zombie survival game Days Gone.


    Your Drifter bike is more than just mere transportation

    There are some of the features revealed so far;:

    • You have only one bike (it’s not GTA) and its essential for the player’s escape from hordes of zombies
    • If the bike is damaged, you have the option to do field repairs or get new parts for better durability in bike shops
    • Fuel is essential as you travel with available fuel stations, but beware, you are not the only one looking for it
    • The bike is used to chase down bounties on the run with their bikes as well (need better engine and nitro boost)
    • Stay in safehouses during the night when the “freakers” roams
    • Upgrade your saddlebags for extra ammo
    • You will re-spawn with your bike when you die
    • Reduce swarm counts by destroying infested zones, opening up fast travel routes

    For more info on our previous coverage on Collectors edition and pre-order details, check out this previous link provided.

    DAYS GONE launches on April 26, 2019, as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive.

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