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    Darksiders Genesis Collector’s Editions and Nephilim Editions

    Developer Airship Syndicate and publisher THQ Nordic have released trailers for Darksiders Genesis, a Hack and Slash RPG showcasing the Collector’s and Nephilim editions. Check out below trailer for more info:

    Collector’s Edition is priced at $119.99 / RM493.97, and comes with per following items:

    • Game copy and steelbook
    • Figurine and artbook
    • Soundtrack
    • Sticker Sheet


    Nephilim Edition is priced at $379.99 / RM1,564.49. On top of collector items provided, Nephilim Edition comes with an added board game called Darksiders: The Forbidden Land (TBC in later announcements).


    Strife the Fourth Horseman will make every shot count in Darksiders Genesis this coming 2019, for Switch, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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