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    Dark fantasy action – God’s Will Fall preorder is set to open

    Deep Silver is pleased to announce the opening of preorders for Gods Will Fall. This purchase will come with an exclusive hunter’s helmet for anyone who pre-orders the game ahead of its January 29th release.

    The hunter’s helmet is randomly assigned to each new game. The excitement of the hunt runs in the blood of the clan and it is a tradition to proudly wear its trophies for all to admire. These trophies are represented by five distinct animal skins; a wolf, a bear, a boar, a fox and a badger. These cloths can be worn by any warrior and serve to warn the gods that the hunt has indeed begun.

    In addition to the standard version of Gods Will Fall, players can also pre-order the Valiant Edition, in order to receive the Hunter’s Helmet and the Valley of the Sleeping Gods DLC.

    • Three New Gods: Enter and fight your way through one of the three New Realms of Gods. These unexplored hells, populated with abominable minions, will put your courage to the test.
    • New Weapon Classes: Play as two new types of barbarians, each with their own unique fighting style.
    • New Items: A wealth of new equipment and supplies to aid your clan in battle and turn the tide of war.
    • New Abilities: New melee methods to further expand your warriors’ combat system and ensure that the correct champion is chosen for the battle to come.
    • Additions to the Overworld: As you traverse the Overworld, keep your eyes peeled and reveal the hidden secrets scattered throughout the environments.
    • Warrior Outfits: Dress your clan in the best possible clothes and gear them up for battle. Show off as you enter the fray in style.

    Developed by Manchester-based studio Clever Beans, Gods Will Fall tells the story of a few Celtic warriors, survivors of a destroyed army, as they journey to overthrow the oh-so-cruel gods.

    The game will be released on January 29th for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch ™, PC and Stadia.

    You are humanity’s last hope.
    The cruel rule of the gods has lasted for over a millennium. Thirsty for cruelty and suffering, they demand that humanity worship them and serve them blindly. To do this, every man, woman and child must promise them loyalty. Those who do not submit to the will of the gods meet a slow and ruthless death.

    Experience the brutal trials of a band of adventurous warriors in their desperate quest to break the gods’ merciless hold on mankind. Each man and woman able to hold a blade, who have suffered in this brutal reign for far too long, will be called upon to form your clan of eight Celtic survivors and rise up to face the legions of monstrous creatures and minions that live within each. ruthless kingdoms of gods.

    Little by little, draw your own story based on the decisions you make. Succeed and witness the birth of true legends. Fail and watch all those lives turn to dust.

    Iconic gods and kingdoms.
    Uncover the dark secrets of each of the ancient gods as you venture into their elaborate and dangerous lairs. Face off against minions who will stop at nothing to defend their deities. Each location will be even more deadly than the last.

    The clan of Celtic warriors.
    Go on an adventure with eight different warriors of all sizes, each equipped with their own unique weapon type. Choose your next hero carefully. It is difficult to access success, but it will give you unique abilities, weapons and items. On the other hand, failure will be synonymous with imprisonment and the challenger will beg for his salvation.

    Navigate through a world of duality.
    Savour the stillness as you explore the beautiful and lush grounds of the Overworld. Beyond each ancient gate is the kingdom of a god. Overflowing with filthy creatures, hunting down the slightest human suffering. Each door you choose to open will be different from the previous ones, giving you a whole new tale to explore every time.

    A lesson in brutality.
    With a fighting style easy to learn, but difficult to master, it is an ambitious challenge that awaits those who will venture into this game. Strengthen your warrior by entering the melee and kissing the berserker in you! Defeat will never be far away as the gods eagerly await their challenger.

    Gods Will Fall will be released on January 29, 2021, on PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC, and Stadia.

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