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    Crossplatform VR MMO – Nostos currently available on PS4

    NetEase Games recently released a VR open-world 2 to 99 players multiplayer game Nostos only on PlayStation 4, priced at $19.99. The game features a dynamic open world with a complete animal and plant ecological chain. Currently, there is no statement that VR is needed for this game based on the Western PlayStation Store.

    Source: Gematsu

    Official game details as shared on PlayStation Store:

    Nostos is a cross-platform multiplayer game in an open world setting, where oriental animation elements are found. You can explore with friends, discover historical sites and remains of war, build shelters and fight, uncovering the truth hidden by time, and tasting the past stories of hope or regret.

    Note that some features in Playstation 4 may be absent in PlayStation 5.

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