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    Concord and Astro Bot Is Now Available For Pre-Order

    Reveal during the PlayStation State of Play last week, galaxy PvP shooter Concord and platform adventure game Astro Bot is now available for digital pre-order with incentives such as beta early access for Concord and early unlocks for Astro Bot.


    Assemble your crew of Freegunner space outlaws and team up online with friends for thrilling 5v5 PVP modes across the galaxy in Concord. (Release Date: 24th August 2024 for PS5 and PC)

    Astro Bot

    Gear up for a supersized space adventure with ASTRO BOT! Charge into a brand-new, supersized adventure with ASTRO across more than 50 exciting and diverse worlds. (Release date: 6th September 2024 for PS5)

    Physical pre-orders for Concord and Astro Bot start from 7th June 2024

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