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    Collector’s Edition: Tekken 7

    One of the most anticipated fighting game Tekken 7 has arrived. We manage to snag a Collector Edition of this game and it comes with this huge box.

    First the outer layer has Heihachi and Kazuya art on the front and each separately on each side. On the back, we find the items given with this Collector’s Edition.

    Removing the outer layer will show a box with a new art at the back. It seems the box art is making the fued between Heihachi and Kazuya the focus point.

    Inner box is black with the work Tekken 7
    Disc Holder on top with the sticker underneath the Deluxe Edition.

    Now removing the top will reveal 2-disc holder with both the steelbook case and the deluxe edition of the game. The inner box is sadly only black with the words Tekken 7 around it but it does feel very solid and strong.

    Another variation of them punching each other.
    Inside the Steelbook case is a disc for Tekken 7 soundtrack.

    The steelbook case again contains another pose of Heihachi and Kazuya fighting. The case sadly has no special finish or emboss on it. Opening the steelbook case, we find Tekken 7 official game soundtrack sitting inside. There is one disappointment as the design took no effort to decorate the inner steelbook case and left it look boring inside.

    Items found on top of the box.

    On the deluxe casing, we can find a sticker with the word Tekken 7 and the faction logo in white. Included in the Deluxe is also the games season pass and first edition character Eliza. Sadly, there is no art on the papers given and no manual also (Oh how I miss reading Tekken 6’s manual). One thing good is the cover art for the disc is reversible. This means you get flip the paper on the cover to get another art style.

    Lifting out the disc holder will reveal this beauty.

    Figure is wrap with plastic.

    The statue has a decent weight to it but I do not like the way they are packing it. The plastic wrap between 2 vacuum pack plastic look very cheap for such a heavy and fragile statue. Some foam box could have been nice but luckily the box is solid so it should be okay during shipping. The vacuum form plastic is held together by some tape at first but if you are repacking it back to take it out another time, just be careful as the plastic does not hold together well.

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    Now on to the grand piece, the amazing gravity defying statue. The status stands at 45cm long x 30cm height and it is one of the longest display piece. As I said earlier it has quite a weight to it. Both Heihachi and Kazuya feels solid when touch but not the same can be said about the base as it feels a little plastic.

    The tiger stitching on Heihachi’s back.
    Bigger than Life Heihachi.
    Kazuya’s eyes glowing red.

    All the apparel or gi are made solid also with some nice touches like the stitching of the tiger behind Heihachi’s back. The belts are made of a softer PVC material which is bend able but will go back to its molded position quickly. There are also some nice touches of discoloration on Heihachi old gi which is quite nice. The details on the body and face of both fighter are quite good apart from some lack of facial expression. The facial expression on Kazuya looks less aggressive then he is even though he has his red eye.

    Here is the full list of items in the box on display.


    So here is the final list of what is inside the whole collector’s edition.

    1x Tekken 7 Deluxe Edition (Includes Season Pass)
    1x Steelbook Case
    1x Tekken 7 Soundtrack
    1x Tekken 7 Sticker
    1x 45cm x 30cm Figure of Heihachi and Kazuya Locked in Battle




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