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    Collector’s Edition : The Last Guardian

    Happy new year ! I hope 2016 treated you well and if it didn’t then I hope 2017 will make it up for you. This Article should have been published last month but I was too busy with too many things (House moving, procrastinating, etc).. So , lets take a good look at The Last Guardian’s Collector’s Edition !

    The beautiful white coloured box <3 modeled by Asuna Chan


    Side of the box, this is a very nicely designed box. The box quality itself is nothing special, just standard material. The design however is fair but if you plan to use the box as a decor in your room, you might want to make sure you clean it off consistently. Any dust build up will dirty it for sure.

    Unboxing the external white box reveals another nicely designed cardboard wooden themed box. When I first saw the poster for The Last Guardian’s CE, I had this small hope that there would be an actual wooden box. I knew it was too good to be true but still ! I had hopes !

    Nevertheless, it is a very good looking box.


    Side view

    Lets see whats inside! *Suspense music*

    Whoa…. DLC code, Stickers, Artbook and a Steel Case..


    Front cover of the Artbook.

    I really like the style they chose for the artbook cover. It gives a classy vintage vibe. It is worth mentioning the surface of the hardcover is rather “Matte” when touched. You really do feel like you are holding something special, a very victorian feel.

    Side of the book!


    Playstation Logo at the back.

    Moving on to the Steelcase. My oh my ! This is one of the best looking steel cases I’ve seen !

    Very nice front to back styled design on the steel case.


    Some sort of glow effect when viewed from a different angle on the beast’s wing.

    Finally, lets look at the figurine!

    After pulling up the plastic housing at the top, reveals a sleeping beast and its tamer..

    I must say I was surprised with the quality of the figurine. I’ve never expected this level of detail. It shocked my wife too, she thought it looked too real (Even forbids me from showing it to our 9 month old daughter, she thought it will scare her. Hah…. women.. )

    My attempt for a dramatic shot. Look good?


    Different angle of the figurine.


    Zoomed out version


    Another angle


    So peaceful, the sleeping beast.

    Here are some photos of inside the artbook.







    There is nothing not to like in this CE but to be honest there isn’t many Wow element either. You get a Steel Case, some stickers, a thin Artbook and a nice figurine. Nothing special but well done on its own. Worth it for big fans and for those captured by the figurine’s beauty.

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