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    Collector’s Edition : For Honor

    I am about to show you a very well done piece of work on a Collector’s Edition by Ubisoft and in fact I don’t think I’ve seen a better work than this and it is such a privilege and honor ( lel see what I did there? ) for me to unbox this CE. Nuff said, lets move on, I don’t have many words to share with you this time I figured I’d let you see for yourself.

    This is the outer box. Typical, nothing special here. But it does look bigger than an average CE box. It is heavy too.


    After unboxing the first box revealed this. No Steel Case which is kinda disappointing. This CE is actually incomplete without an accompanying Steel Case but that’s just my opinion.


    Removed the top tray. This is a very good looking box. Premium quality, Sturdy feel, Nicely designed, Hardcore on all front.


    What the inside looks like. That is a Lithography enveloped in a nice plastic sheet.

    Closer look for you!


    The back of the Lithography


    After removing the lithography reveals these. Sweet sweet babies.


    Plastic cover removed.

    By now it is worth noting that these helms are made of metal completely. There is a wooden stand accompanying them for display purpose.


    After assembling the stand and putting the helm on display.


    Albeit made of metal, the level of detail on them is freaking amazing.


    Absolutely Beautiful !
    Closer look at the plate reveals what seem to be a serial number. According to rumour there are only 50-60 of these in Malaysia.


    Take a good look here and you’d notice some dents on the helms. Very realistic piece of work there.


    Viking Helm
    Imagine if they made this into a real wearable one.
    The face shield can be adjusted to open or close.


    Open !


    Really good looking samurai helm. Level of detail is top notch!


    Different angle


    Laid out with the rest of the contents, they include (A soundtrack CD, some game codes, Season Pass, a postcard sort of thing.


    This is probably the best CE I’ve seen.





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