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    Colibrium, a colour matching game arrives on Mobile

    A New Zealand based company called Technaturally Games has created a fascinating game. Colibrium is a colour matching game which is easy to play on your phone. John Gillanders has this to say:

    “I have always wanted to create video games and share
    with others the same fascination and joy I have felt ever since I was a
    little boy, playing games with my family on our Commodore 64, and I wanted
    to make sure I made something unique when so many games just copy a
    standard formula. The gameplay of blending and matching colours by
    balancing different amounts of coloured objects is entirely unique. I
    liked the idea because even though it is simple, no one else has used
    blending colours in a game in that way before”.

    “The game helps you become present – the cornerstone of mindfulness – and
    guides you towards the mental state of ‘flow’ by adapting to how you

    Colibrium uses human psychology to draw the players mind into a state of ‘flow’, which is highly focused, present, engaging and rewarding. This state is almost the same as athletes who go into the zone while competing as first stated by Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in his work on psychology in the 1970s.

    Mr Gillanders created Colibrium to help players to achieve the ‘flow’ state while playing by adjusting the difficulty to better suit the player as he/she plays.

    Colibrium can be downloaded for free in the App Store or Google Play store now.

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