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    Cities: Skylines II Introduces Beach Properties And In-game Modding

    Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have introduced “Beach Properties,” the first asset pack for Cities: Skylines II, enhancing the city-building experience with new waterfront-focused content.

    Priced at $9.99/£8.49/€9.99, Beach Properties is now available for purchase and can also be acquired through the Cities: Skylines II Waterfronts Expansion Pass or Ultimate Edition.

    This expansion allows players to upgrade their cities’ coastlines with a new Waterfront zoning option, alongside a variety of growable and signature buildings tailored for European and North American themes, as well as new tree types to foster creative beachfront designs.

    In conjunction with this release, Cities: Skylines II has been updated to introduce in-game modding capabilities, permitting players to create, exchange, and utilize Map and Code Mods via the Paradox Mods platform. This integration facilitates a community-driven approach to game enhancement, with players able to easily share and explore mods within the game environment.

    The update also delivers performance optimizations, bug fixes, and responds to community feedback, with detailed patch notes accessible online. The launch of the Cities: Skylines II Modding Beta marks a significant step towards empowering players with customization tools, anticipating further updates to asset modding and tool improvements later in the year.

    For more details on Cities: Skylines II and its expansions, interested individuals can visit the official game website and follow updates through various online platforms, including the official forums; X, Instagram, and Discord.

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