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    Captain ToonHead vs the Punks from Outer Space Launches this November

    Captain ToonHead vs the Punks from Outer Space, an FPS Tower Defense adventure from Teravision Games, will launch on all Oculus headsets and HTC Vive on November 11, 2021. PSVR and Valve Index owners can also experience this comical and action-packed quest when it launches on their headsets in 2022.

    Source: Teravision Games

    By blending some of their favourite mechanics from multiple genres, Teravision has designed this VR-exclusive to allow players to experience Tower Defense from the front lines. Strategically place controllable towers through highly-detailed arenas and use ridiculous weaponry to protect your Enercubes from waves of cyberpunks and outlandish creatures. Bring rescued Enercubes back to your ship after each mission to permanently upgrade Captain ToonHead’s blasters, towers, and even his Granny’s legendary chancla. Through its level-based design and the spaceship hub world, VR heroes can revisit and master previous stages to afford more upgrades or simply progress through Captain ToonHead’s story-driven and lore-filled journey.

    Source: UploadVR

    After focusing on developing licensed titles since their formation in 2006, Teravision Games are honoured to be launching their own IP full of heart and influences from their Latin American roots. The Colombian-based team also made their PAX debut earlier this month at PAX West 2021, where attendees got a chance to play the first-ever public demo of Captain ToonHead and chat with the developers.

    “Putting the game our team has been working on for almost 3 years in the hands of players for the first time at an event like PAX is a very scary thing – Fortunately, after hundreds of players tried the game, we can say they had tons of fun and really connected with all the nonsensical craziness we have created. We can’t wait to have Captain Toonhead out in the world in less than 2 months!”

    Enrique Fuentes – CEO of Teravision Games

    Captain ToonHead vs the Punks from Outer Space is available to wishlist on the Oculus Store and Steam.

    The game features below as shared on Steam:

    A truly first-person tower defense, designed for VR:
    This is not your diorama-style VR tower defense. This time you’re going to have to move all over the map, hammer away to upgrade your towers, throw over-powered chanclas recklessly and shoot electric beams from weaponized pizza at your enemies. Fight from the front lines!

    Not the hero we wanted, but the one we got stuck with:
    After the whole squad sent by the World Treaty for Freedom (WTF) got fried by a burrito-related explosion, it’s on Elliott Salazar, the cartoon-obsessed facility technician and the only survivor, to save Earth. There’s a new captain onboard: Captain ToonHead!

    Take control of your towers:
    Take manual control of a tower to project lethal beams of hot sauce from your hands, ignite infinite heat-seeking fireworks, irresponsibly spray a snowball machine gun, shoot rays from electrified pizza slices or unleash a piñata blitz over your enemies.

    Balance action and strategy:
    You’re going to do a lot of shooting, that’s for sure, but shooting alone will not defeat the waves of Cyberchickens, punks and Terra-sharks. You’re going to have to combine those Piñata towers and chancla throws in a very strategic way if you want to save more Enercubes and destroy the EarthRadicator-1000.

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