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    Call Of Duty: Vanguard And Warzone Season 4, Mercenaries Of Fortune Deploys On June 22

    New Season, New Riches – Introducing Mercenaries of Fortune

    Money is power. Old loyalties dissolve as our Tier 1 Operators create new factions in search of ill-gotten gains. Get rich or die trying, because in this mercenary-versus-mercenary setting, enough is never enough.

    Launching on June 22, Mercenaries of Fortune brings new challenges and opportunities for Operators. Deploy to a brand-new Warzone map in Fortune’s Keep, fight on a battleship in the Vanguard Multiplayer map USS Texas 1945, and wade through the swamps of Shi No Numa in the return of classic round-based Zombies.

    This major update will be live in both games from June 22 PT. Players should expect an update to Vanguard at 9 AM PT on June 21, and a Warzone Update on 9 AM PT on June 22.

    Warzone Overview

    • New Map: Fortune’s Keep. Go all-in on a brand-new Warzone Resurgence Battle Royale map developed by High Moon Studios, featuring stunning vistas and undiscovered riches.
    • Caldera Updates Across the Island. From the return of Storage Town to riverbeds drying up, Raven Software is changing up Caldera. 
    • Armoured SUV, New Contract, and More. New tools, objectives, and feature updates to Warzone will add new strategies to consider for your squad’s personal meta.
    • Three Warzone Maps to Drop Into: Fortune’s Keep, Rebirth Island, and Caldera coexist, all for free via regular weekly playlist rotation.

    Vanguard Overview

    • Shi No Numa Brings Back Classic Round-Based Zombies. Battle through the swamps of Shi No Numa in round-based play, featuring a new multi-step main quest, Wonder Weapon, and more.
    • Embark on the High Seas in USS Texas 1945. Battle on the decks and in the interior spaces of USS Texas 1945, launching at the start of the new season.
    • Blueprint Gun Game Debut. The fan-favourite mode is back. Be the first to progress through every weapon to win the match.

    Vanguard And Warzone Overview

    • Get Equipped with Two New Powerful Armaments. Keep enemy Operators at bay with the highly mobile Marco 5 and the suppressive UGM-8. Later in the season, get your hands on the Vargo S.
    • New Season, New Operators. Captain Butcher is ready for deployment as a playable Operator, alongside Special Operations Task Force trainer Callum Hendry. 

    The new season promises glory and riches beyond compare, and it’s ready to go live on June 22. With major updates coming to Warzone, Multiplayer, and Zombies, there’s a deluge of content to ready yourself for in the weeks ahead. 

    Check out the Call of Duty blog for the full breakdown of Season 4, Mercenaries of Fortune. Stay tuned to Sledgehammer Games’ blog and Raven Software’s website for official patch notes.

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