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    Beaten Path, A Turn-Based Tactical RPG HAs Been Announced

    Peacebreak Studio is happy to announce their debut title, Beaten Path. With the announcement comes an exciting new trailer.

    About Beaten Path

    Beaten Path is a turn-based, tactical RPG following the story of a mage and her student as they traverse a shattered world, recruit allies, fend off foes, and strategize their way to victory. Strengthen your characters and learn new skills to repel the monstrous Grarl and learn their origins.
    The game features:
    • Over 20 unique maps, 100 abilities, and 30 characters
    • A variety of map win and loss conditions. You’ll need strength, stealth, and much more to emerge victorious in each.
    • Characters that each have personal abilities, multiple skill trees, and their own class
    • Upgradeable characters with various equipment
    • Auto-saves and rewinds. Don’t fret over mistakes

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