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    Battlefield 2042: Battle of Nordvik Event Coming Soon

    EA has announced that with Battlefield 2042 Season 3 fully underway, the development team has announced the latest in-game event, Battle of Nordvik, coming on 21 December.

    Battle of Nordvik will run for three weeks starting next Wednesday, 21 December, with each week containing a different unique gameplay experience. The event will include a 32v32 Conquest Assault with a focus on fast-paced ground-only warfare, a 16×16 twist on Conquest known as Retribution, and finally, Breakthrough Chaos with heightened intensity over other modes and support for up to 128 players on PC and next-gen consoles.

    Earn Ribbons within each week’s game to unlock the gameplay rewards unique to that week. The Store will have free bundles for you to claim alongside these earnable rewards, as well as two new bundles for purchase.

    This event runs in parallel with the upcoming PlayStation Free Access period that begins tomorrow and runs through 24 December at 8 am PT, with players trying the game able to take full advantage of the Battle of Nordvik content.

    Full details of Battlefield 2042: Battle of Nordvik three-week event can be found in this blog.

    Battlefield 2042 is available for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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