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    Award-Winning ‘Last Days of Lazarus’ Offers A Gothic Post-Communist Adventure With Supernatural Elements

    Produced by indie game developers Darkania Works and GrimTalin, the Last Days of Lazarus is a chilling first-person adventure set in post-soviet Eastern Europe telling the tale of a troubled man, long estranged, returning to his childhood home after his mother’s death to spend some time with his sister Lyudmila. But as the country around him seems to fall apart, so does reality itself, with a series of unexplainable events leading him on a quest to find out more about his family’s disturbing past. Available now on PC via STEAM in addition to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, the Last Days of Lazarus has received praise for its chilling gameplay and is the proud recipient of the Best Romanian Indie Game award (ASUS ROG 2021) in addition to the winner of Best Visuals award (DEV.PLAY 2021).

    Aboout Last Days of Lazarus

    Last Days of Lazarus is a first-person adventure game with a strong narrative and rich visuals inspired by the post-soviet era with a Gothic vibe and supernatural elements. As the story unravels, you will encounter questionable characters whose corrupted version of the truth you will need to navigate. With a troubled past yourself, you will struggle not only with solving the mysteries laid upon you but also with keeping alive any sliver of hope for salvation. Inspired by the developer’s history and locations, the game offers a story filled with supernatural elements of local belief, laid upon communist and post-communist struggles. In a sick society where everyone cares only about themselves and their survival, can family bonds still be upheld and cherished?

    Last Days of Lazarus offers a disturbing story, religious imagery, and the occasional scare, and features eight exciting chapters across five detailed locations inspired by actual places from Romania. Your task is to explore, meet strange characters, find documents, and solve light puzzles to learn about what happened to your troubled family.


    • Bone chilling setup inspired by Eastern European communism.
    • Enthralling story about death, suffering, spirituality, and politics.
    • Optional places to explore and uncover more disturbing facts about your family.
    • Dread and gore combined with eerie beautiful environments.
    • Disturbing plot with unexpected twists.

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