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    Atlas Fallen Reveals Its Gameplay Reveal Trailer, Pre-Orders, Unveil Its Ultra-Limited Signature Edition And More

    Atlas Fallen, the epic fantasy action RPG from Focus Entertainment’s studio Deck13 Interactive, is excited to open pre-orders following the recent announcement of its May 16 release date. Get a feel of the high sensations to come in the game where you battle legendary creatures in superpowered combat with captivating gameplay reveal trailer.

    To kick things off, the host Phil is joined by members of the Creative, Art, and Narrative departments to explore the world of Atlas Fallen. Learn about the beasts, combat, special abilities, the broken world, the setting, and much more!

    Rise From The Dust

    Take on a heroic journey through a variety of breathtaking environments, swiftly gliding through the desert landscapes of a vast sand-covered world. Explore ancient ruins and unearth the mysteries and secrets of a fallen society. Fight a corrupt god and extraordinary beasts thanks to the divine power of your shape-shifting weapon. Unlock powerful skills and abilities to build a unique moveset and rise as the champion who will liberate the people of Atlas.

    ​A Heroic Signature Edition

    Get your hands on the ultra-limited Atlas Fallen – Signature Edition, a Focus Entertainment Store-exclusive product available in only 100 copies. It includes a numbered laminated wooden frame printed with exclusive artwork by Deck13’s Artistic Director, James Lowe, an official certificate, and a copy of the game that includes the Ruin Rising Pack DLC. The PC edition comes as a Steam key while console editions come as physical copies with Lowe’s artwork as exclusive box art. Pre-orders are now open, the time to grab this limited opportunity is now!
    Atlas Fallen releases on May 16th on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Pre-orders are open on all platforms with a special bonus, the Ruin Rising Pack with exclusive cosmetic items and combat abilities, for digital pre-orders or retail purchases.

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