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    ASUS Malaysia Announces Marshmallow Keyboard KW100

    ASUS has unveiled a new wireless keyboard called the Marshmallow Keyboard KW100. This compact and versatile keyboard comes in two unique color options: Oat Milk and Green Tea Latte. It’s designed to be durable, comfortable to type on, and convenient for various devices. It has also won the 2023 Red Dot Product Design Award.

    Distinctive Colors

    The Marshmallow Keyboard KW100 stands out with its special colors. You can choose between Oat Milk and Green Tea Latte, which look different from the usual black, beige, or gray keyboards. The Spacebar, Enter, and Esc keys are made darker for better visibility. These colors give the keyboard a fresh and youthful appearance that goes well with modern laptops and devices.

    Comfortable Typing

    The keyboard is designed for comfortable typing. It uses something called “optimal scissor keys” that make typing feel smooth and familiar. The keys are also designed to be very quiet, so you won’t disturb others while typing. It’s equipped with two-level adjustable kickstands, which means you can tilt the keyboard for a better typing position.

    Convenience and Versatility

    You can connect the Marshmallow Keyboard KW100 to up to three devices using Bluetooth® 5.0 LE. This makes it easy to switch between your laptop, PC, and tablet. There are also special keys that let you switch between different operating systems like Windows, ChromeOS, MacOS, iOS, and iPadOS. This feature can help you work more efficiently.

    Durable and Environmentally Friendly

    ASUS has made the Marshmallow Keyboard KW100 to last a long time. The keys are designed to handle up to 10 million clicks, and they have a special coating to keep them looking good. Even the packaging is eco-friendly, made from materials that are better for the environment compared to traditional keyboard boxes.

    Availability and Price

    If you’re interested in getting the ASUS Marshmallow Keyboard KW100, you can find it in Malaysia right now for RM179. They’ve also refreshed their Marshmallow Mouse MD100 with the same Oat Milk and Green Tea Latte colors, and it’s available for RM149.

    So, if you’re looking for a simple yet stylish wireless keyboard that’s comfortable to type on and works well with different devices, the ASUS Marshmallow Keyboard KW100 might be a great option for you.


    ASUS Marshmallow Keyboard KW100

    Colors Green Tea Latte / Oat Milk
    Connectivity Wireless Bluetooth® 5.0 LE
    Form Factor Compact
    Silent Switch Yes
    Switch lifespan Up to 10-million-keystroke lifespan
    Keyboard layout Standard notebook keyboard layout
    Keyboard kickstand Two-level adjustable kickstands
    Function and hot keys Two keyboard-layout switch keys
    10 hot keys
    Prt Scn
    Key style Scissor keys
    Key travel 1.6 mm
    System requirements Windows / ChromeOS / MacOS / iOS / iPadOS
    Dimensions 282 x 130 x 18.4 mm
    Weight 374.8 g
    Battery 2 x AAA
    Battery life Up to 24 months
    Connection range Up to 10 meters
    SRP RM 179

    ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100

    Colors Oat Milk mouse set: Includes Oat Milk and Green Tea Latte covers
    Quiet Blue mouse set: Includes Quiet Blue and Solar Blue covers
    Lilac Mist Purple mouse set: Includes Lilac Mist Purple and Brave Green covers
    Connectivity RF 2.4 GHz
    Bluetooth® 5.0
    Silent Switch Yes
    Switch lifespan 10-million clicks
    DPI Adjustment Yes
    Resolution 800 / 1000 / 1600 dpi
    Operating System Windows, Chrome OS, MacOS
    Dimensions Mouse: 107 x 60 x 27.8 mm (L x W x H)
    Dongle: 18.9 x 12 x 4.5 mm
    Strap: 70 x 11 x 0.7 mm
    Weight Mouse: 56 g (without battery)
    Dongle: 1.6 g
    Battery 1 x AA size
    Power Rating Mouse
    (2.4 GHz mode): 1.5 V / 20 mA
    (Bluetooth 5.0 mode): 1.5 V / 20 mA
    Dongle: 5 V / 100 mA
    SRP RM 149


    Official Links

    ASUS Marshmallow Keyboard KW100

    ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100


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