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    Home News Astral Chain showing off the Beast Legion

    Astral Chain showing off the Beast Legion


    Nintendo has released another 8-minute Japanese overview trailer recently, showcasing more in-depth gameplay mechanics available in the game.

    This time with the Wolf-type Beast Legion sniffing items out, subduing citizens while sneaking (Yes, there is sneaking elements in the game now), casting out a legion over to the other side pulling the main character back to it’s side for traversal purposes, evil/corrupted Legion and new battle skills shown by Legions. Other than that were features covered in our previous coverage on the overview trailer for Sync Attack, binding foes, each legions abilities/skill trees and time stops when you change your legions midway in combat.


    Astral Chain will be chaining its way onto Nintendo Switch this coming August 30, 2019.
    For more of our previous coverage, click on the link below:

    Switch: ASTRAL CHAIN an ambitious project

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