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    Astebreed Switch version coming soon

    Previously launched and developed by Edelweiss for the PC back in 2014 followed by PlayStation 4 back in March 2015. As per the listing found in the Australian eShop, the Switch version will be coming to Nintendo Switch via eShop as well. If you haven’t heard of it, check out the previous PS4 trailer:



    Another pilot story..

    As Roy Becket, you dream to be a pilot just like your adoptive father. However, when a galactic war brews against a mechanical alien race, Roy takes control of the alien bipedal war machine to become the last hope for humanity. Joining him is a young girl who claims to have escaped from the aliens however she’s been altered via alien experiments with newly gained abilities. Together, the pair faces off against the alien army and reunite their shattered families.


    A type of cinematic arcade shooter

    Using crafted 3D models, particle effects and mech designs. Astebreed gives a beautiful destruction experience.
    With its dynamic perspective, your enemies will be swarming between vertical, horizontal and 3D.

    The Switch version will be available via eShop soon on November 7, 2018.

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