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    Arc System Works is joining the retro revolution with action title Code Shifter


    Arc System Works has certainly made their mark in gaming history with fighting and RPG titles such as the Granblue series and Guilty Gear however a new IP called Code Shifter has sprung up in pixel retro form featuring characters from Guilty Gear, Bray Blue, Kuniokun and many more.


    The game starts in a software company

    You play as a programmer Stella who upon releasing a final version of the game, bugs started appearing in the game with no time to lose. Hence, Stella came up with a debug program called Code Shifter that somehow involves multiple arrays of characters helping out to clean up the bug digitally.

    Game features as presented in Arc System Works official website:

    • Make use of the individuality of a total of 100 characters, change according to the situation, and capture the stage!
    • “Colorful Fighters” that can be played locally by up to four players is also included! !
    • Defeat the ghost characters in the Ex stage to free more characters!
    • Operate a total of 30 characters and
      enjoy the dream battle!

    The game will be launch digitally on consoles such as Switch, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 first in Japan on January 30 and followed up by Western release at a later unannounced date. The game will include multiple language support such as English, Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

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