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    Apple Music Is Available On The PS5 Now

    PlayStation has announced on its PlayStation Blog that Apple Music will be available for PS5 users from today onwards.

    PS5 owners can download the app, log in to their Apple Music account and enjoy up to 90 million tracks and songs including music videos.

    I’ve waited for this day to come for a long time. Before this, Spotify was the only music app available on the console.

    I have nothing against Spotify, but I’ve been a long-time Apple Music user now and it excites me that all my favourite playlists can now be accessed from the console I use on a daily basis.

    The Apple Music app on the PS5 can be turned on before we jump into a game or after by navigating to the control centre via the PS button on our dualsense controller and selecting the Music Function card.

    Music can be played in the background and the app would provide recommendations that match the game we play.

    Music videos can be watched on full screen and if players jump back into their game, the music would continue to play in the background.

    If the player goes back to the music video, the app would seamlessly pick up from where the player is in the song and the watching pleasure would continue with no interruption to the music.

    PS5 owners can download the Apple Music app onto their console from the Media space on their PS5 and follow the on-screen instructions to link to their existing Apple Music account.

    The Apple Music app is now available on the PlayStation 5 console, making it the first gaming console to introduce an integrated Apple Music experience.

    Souce: PlayStation Blog.

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