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    AMD’s Q3 software driver for Radeon PRO Software now supports GPU-Accelerated Machine Learning

    AMD has released the Radeon PRO Software for Enterprise 21.Q3 recently, and this update brings better performance gains overall benchmark workloads while offering increased application efficiency, reliability and productivity.

    From a performance standpoint in professional applications, driver performance has improved by up to 16% on average across a range of view sets. Below are the 2020 benchmarks for the Catia-06 viewset and the 3ds Max-07 viewset with an equipped AMD Radeon PRO W5700:

    To add, the improvements have also been seen on consumer-level GPU’s that come equipped with DirectX 12. This provides consumers with even greater capability to develop ML models using their devices with AMD Radeon graphics and Microsoft Windows 10.

    Other key features and benefits include:

    • Year-Over-Year Performance Improvements – Compared to last year’s 20.Q3 Radeon Software for Enterprise driver, this driver provides marked performance improvements including a 48-per cent increase for the Catia viewset and a 12-percent increase for the 3dsmax viewset.
    • Additional AMD Remote Workstation Support – Together with leading remote visualization solutions, AMD Remote Workstation works to securely stream workstation graphics on remote desktops allowing users to be productive virtually anywhere. The new driver adds support for Teradici CAS (Cloud Access Software), building upon ongoing support for VMware Horizon, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Microsoft Remote Desktop and HP ZCentral Remote Boost.
    • Professional Application Certification – AMD continues its commitment towards developing professional application certified drivers. Certification provides enterprise-grade dependability for applications including 3dsMax, Revit, Catia, SOLIDWORKS and many more.
    • AMD Radeon PRO Viewport Image Boost – Compatible with Revit and 3ds Max, this feature scales up the resolution of the model in the viewport area to provide better image fidelity and allow users to make better design decisions.

    Be sure to check out AMD’s website to find out more about their continuous updates on their software and firmware.

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