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    Action RPG, Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story, slashing off a new overview trailer

    Publisher Spike Chunsoft and developer Acquire recently brings out an overview trailer for Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story. The trailer below features some gameplay elements such as sword slashing, portal diving, different weapons, stances, online multiplayer and three war factions.


    The description and feature of the game are provided by Play-Asia:

    Katanakami is a spin-off swordplay action RPG of Way of the Samurai series. In Katanakami, a samurai travels to another world in order to save the daughter of the blacksmith kidnapped as collateral for his debt.

    • Run the sword blacksmith by manipulating the three influences based around the mountain pass. Make money, pay back the debt, and save Doujima’s daughter
    • There is a total of nine stances depend on what weapon you have equipped. And each stance has special effects. For example, the “middle guard stance” decreases damage taken from the enemy, while the “side stance” increases your critical chances
    • Katana Time – By collecting “orbs” from the enemies inside the dungeon will charge your “Orb Gauge” allowing you to activate “Katana Time”. When Katana Time is activated your health bar won’t damage, weapon durability, increased movement speed, and no knock-back from the enemy
    • Kiwami – By evading or blocking the enemy’s attack to create an opening and then attack, you can unleash a powerful attack called “Kiwami”. If there are still enemy nearby you can perform “Consecutive Kiwami” attack at the right timing

    Currently, this game is scheduled for launch on February 20 firstly in Japan for Switch, PC and PlayStation 4; the western release date is unconfirmed at this point in time although it has been recently rated in Australia.

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