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    Action hack and slash RPG – Labyrinth Legend launching on Switch this January 28th

    Regista will be releasing Shinobi Games action RPG Labyrinth Legend in Nintendo eShop this coming January 28th, 2021. English, Japanese, and Portuguese language options are supported.

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    Labyrinth Legend is an action RPG with hack and slash elements.
    Explore the automatically-generated dungeons, collect powerful equipment,
    and battle against unknown, formidable enemies!

    Battle against powerful enemies

    Many dangerous monsters lurk in the dungeon.Players not only have to acquire equipment, but they must also level-up in order to progress.

    Huge bosses

    Huge bosses await in the depths of the dungeons.It may not be possible to defeat them in one attempt. However, you should figure out the key to victory by observing their movements through multiple battles.

    Automatically-generated dungeons

    Dungeons are automatically generated with each adventure. You won’t know what dangers or treasures lie ahead until you step inside.

    Equipment and items to strengthen your character

    You can acquire various pieces of equipment and items inside the dungeons.Rare pieces of equipment may also come with unique skills.

    Local co-op mode

    You can connect two gamepads to one PC and play co-op with your friends.

    Upgrades at your base

    You can unlock new skillsand upgrade weapons in the village that acts as your base.

    A cursed kingdom

    You cannot leave the kingdom at the center of this story as it has been cursed by the queen. Clear the dungeon and solve the mystery of the curse placed on the kingdom.

    A world created in pixel art

    The world featured in this game has a nostalgic feel to it owing to the pixel-art style.

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