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    A whole new definition to “Style”, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 empowering the lives of users!

    The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 was a hallmark moment in the history of smartphones for its sleek and iconic look at a time when innovative mobile designs were beginning to stagnate. The trendsetting Galaxy Z Flip3 set the pace for future mobile phones with its versatile function, bold seven-colour variations, top-class design, and fashionable accessories for users to fully express their lifestyles in the way they wish to.
    The Galaxy Z Flip3 offers a myriad of creatively functioning parts such as Flex Mode, which can be coupled with its studio-quality camera to shake up the way you take photos for good. Moreover, the phone’s main screen comes with a steady 120Hz adaptive refresh rate on top of a Dynamic AMOLED display to show vibrance and luminosity as you’ve never experienced.

    For many, choosing the Galaxy Z Flip3 is more than owning peak function and style. It’s a statement and a daring one. Samsung managed to speak to a few customers who’ve tried and pre-ordered their very own Galaxy Z Flip3. Let’s hear their testimonies and find out what the Galaxy Z Flip3 really means to them:

    “I am switching from my Vivo V7 to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 because of its irresistible design. Flip phones are novel in aesthetic because of their nostalgia, but Samsung has completely reinvented flip phones for the future with the Galaxy Z Flip3’s functions and features. The foldable’s slim design fits perfectly in my hands and is easier to carry in my pockets without being awkwardly bulky. Overall, the phone left a good first impression when I tried it at the store and proved that it was so much more than just another flip phone. Loved that!”

    Samantha Annie – 27, HR Executive, Selangor

    “I want to replace my iPhone 12 Pro Max and Huawei Mate 40 for the Galaxy Z Flip3 because of its unique form factor. The bold design is not something you see every day and it pulled my interest when I first laid eyes on the Galaxy Z Flip3 during its global launch event. The Cover Screen is what I am most excited for, especially how much I can personalise it to suit my own style on top of adding widgets and using it to preview messages. Most importantly, I can just swipe up on the Cover Screen to quickly pay for my lunch-time coffees through Samsung Pay!”

    Kyle Wan – 30, Sales Associate, Johor Bahru


    “My loving husband replaced my Huawei Mate 20 Pro with the Galaxy Z Flip3 for our recent anniversary mainly because he knows I love taking pictures, but also because he’s terrible at angling my ootd’s! Beyond that, I spend plenty of time with my son as a stay-at-home mom and the Galaxy Z Flip3 is quickly becoming our stylish companion for capturing cute moments, making short videos, and various learning activities that tighten our bond during these developmental years.”

    Chai Sook Foon – 35, Stay-at-Home Mom, Selangor

    Its no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 pushes us into the future of mobile experiences with its tailored design, powerful specs, and emphasis on elevating personal lifestyles. Make a move to empower your lifestyle today with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, where style meets function and more, all within a single compact device. Check out the device here, on Samsung’s official website.

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