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    2D action adventure Endless Memories dreams a new trailer

    Indie developer Homunculus Games recently released their Kickstarter-funded game project called Endless Memories, a 2D action-adventure game. Play as Rem on his journey to the dream world as he battles and master many weaponry, magic, and solving many mysteries of dreams while trying to escape it.


    Features as shared on Steam

    • A vast handcrafted non-linear dream world to explore and get lost, inside the minds of the Dreamers.
    • Master a fast-paced and strategic combat, in which each decision will be crucial to achieving your goal.
    • Discover new abilities to aid you in combat, and to explore the dream world even further.
    • Tons of weapons and spells with a wide variety of modifiers and magical runes, to find your unique playstyle.
    • Face over 150 ferocious monsters and vanquish ancient dream masters on your quest through the dream world.

    Endless Memories is magically coming on Switch, and PC in 2020.

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