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    Video Guide : DD2 Solo Trial Chaos 4 [Crumbled Bulwark]

    In this Video I’ll show you how I build for Trial mode on Chaos 4 for the Crumbled Bulwark map. This is one of the easiest map in my opinion if you want to Solo C4 Trial. It is also perfect if you are in transition from C3 to C4. As of 20/7/17, I realized that Goblin Siege Roller could be bugged in Crumbled Bulwark Map. I’ve tested this many times and managed to replicate the result consistently. If you use a Monk with Stun Shard, you can stun the roller and potentially kill it with one shot afterward. I’ve noticed how its Hp dropped from 6m+ to Zero immediately after it got stunned. The same action did not trigger the same result in any other maps. It only happened to me in C4 Crumbled Bulwark.

    This is the build Layout. The number over EV’s Weapon Manufacturer in the Image represents the set they belong to. Each WM can deploy 3 nodes, 1,1,1 belongs to the same set.

    I used the following 4 heroes but you may try using other heroes if you like, I have no doubt it can be done and could even produce better results.

    • Lavamancer
    • Dryad
    • EV2
    • Monk

    Among some few useful shards here.

    • Deadly Strikes [Range + up to 40%]
    • Fortification [Hp + up to 34%]
    • Destruction [Damage + up to 34%]
    • Shield [Auto shield when taking damages]

    For new players who wants to ask about anything, you may visit this thread I started on DD2 forum. Alternately you may also leave a comment below and I’ll answer your questions. If you find this useful please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more!

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