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    Fa~lalala With True Wireless Galaxy Buds2

    With the year-end festive season closing near, where malls are filled with decorations and merry jingles over the loudspeakers, the time has come again to start shopping for your loved ones. Perhaps you’re seeking an immersive gift for them to self-indulge in their music playlist or workouts? If the answer is yes, then help them tune out to good music and unwind with the Samsung Galaxy Buds2!

    Whether they’re a music lover, an avid runner, or working from home, they’ll definitely love these new earbuds. The all-new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 was designed to serve as a support for those who are feeling a little overwhelmed. With the ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) mode turned on, up to 98% of unwanted noise will be filtered out. That means, no more distracting sounds to get in your way as long as you have the Galaxy Buds2 with you!

    So, if you’ve been thinking of a holly jolly holiday gift, look no further and get your Galaxy Buds2 now with Samsung’s bundled gifts for this Season’s Gifting! Choose from 4 playful colours – Lavender, Olive, White & Graphite, you’re bound to find one that matches their personality and style.

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