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    Overwatch League All-Star Vault is Open for a Limited Time

    Overwatch has announced that it is reopening its Overwatch League All-Star Vault that was part of the Overwatch League’s All-Star Festivities over the years. Now, in the second Vault event, the Overwatch League All-Stars skins from past seasons are returning for a limited time so you can complete your collection!

    Here are the six All-Stars skins that are now available:

    • 2018 Atlantic All-Stars Tracer
    • 2018 Pacific All-Stars Genji
    • 2019 Atlantic All-Stars Mercy
    • 2019 Pacific All-Stars Lúcio
    • 2020 Gaia Reinhardt
    • 2020 Celestial D.Va

    The vault will be open until 26th September 2021 with each skin costing 200 League Tokens which fans can earn by watching Overwatch League broadcasts throughout the playoffs, which culminate in an epic Grand Finals match on Sept. 25. Click here to learn more about YouTube account linking and Overwatch League Perks.

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